Want to Know How to Find Airline Discount Flights?

The moment you think of a holiday, first thing that comes to mind is how to buy airline discount flights, because the amount you spend on your air ticket is a fairly large portion of the cost of your trip. This article provides few tips to find airline discount flights, whether you are planning a return flight to and from your favourite holiday resorts or around the world trip to visit a number of countries.When you want to find airline discount flights, time of the year you intend travelling is also important. As you will encounter higher ticket costs, it is always advisable to avoid flying during peak seasons. Months of June and July, being northern hemisphere summer, are considered the most expensive periods to fly to places such as UK and USA. Christmas and New Year winter holidays are also considered to be peak seasons. It is not easy to find airline discount flights during these peak periods. The best bet would be to travel towards mid-January to February end and then again April/May and from mid-September to mid-December.Timing of the purchase of your airline ticket should be given due consideration in finding airline discount flights. It is believed that the major plane ticket search engines such as Expedia, Travelocity release their new prices on Wednesdays. So if you start searching your airline discount flights from midnight on a Wednesday, you will have a greater chance of finding good prices. Nevertheless there is no absolute guarantee that you will be able to land on the cheapest fare just because it happens to be a Wednesday. You are only increasing your chances of finding the best price by trying on a Wednesday night.Your flexibility on travel dates also plays a major part in finding airline discount flights. For example 2nd or 3rd of January are very busy days for airlines as many people travel on this day to get back to their places of residence from a holiday or a visit to friends and families. Air tickets for travel on these days could be higher due to the high demand. So if it is alright for you to travel a day or two later, you will be able to find discount flights. You will also face a similar scenario if you are travelling on or about a major holiday such as Christmas. Obviously not many people want to travel on the Christmas day, preferring to be home with their families instead. Again if you do not mind travelling on 25th December, you can increase your chances of finding airline discount flights.Some budget airlines such as Airasia sell heavily discounted tickets a few months ahead of the travel date. In order to take advantage on such offers you need to make your reservation well before the travel dates. Sometimes these budget airlines offer a limited number of free tickets for promotional purposes too. Best way to catch these free offers is to sign up for the newsletters published by the airlines. Then you will be notified by an email to which you need to respond very quickly. You can use these free tickets by paying only the tax levies.Flying with the same airline every time you travel will also help you to build your frequent flyer points which can be redeemed to claim a free flight. Flying a single airline over a long journey covering distances over tens of thousands of miles will give you enough points for a short free flight.

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